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  2. In the infrared gas analyzer research and development, manufacturing Professional Company!





    Institute of Beijing HUAYUN Analytical Instrument Co.,Ltd (BHAIL), a Hi-tech enterprise in Beijing Hi-tech Development Zone, is a nonstate-owned enterprise on R & D integrating with production of instrument in indoor/outdoor environmental monitoring. BHAIL has established in 1992, and obtained a certification of Hi-tech enterprise. For 19 years, BHAIL has been active in the country, where it holds leading positions in a field of non-dispersive infrared(NDIR) gas analyzer. Over the years, BHAIL has become an reliable and trusted partner in China. By applying a wide array of environmental monitoring and innovative solutions in the cooperation with the partners, BHAIL is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of China. 

       In recent years, BHAIL have made a great progress on the research & development of portable NDIR gas analyzer for national environment monitoring. At present, the NDIR gas analyzer has formed: products of the three kinds, streamline flow infrared ray gas analyzer, laboratory ray gas analysis instrument, and portable ray gas analyzer: GXH-3010 series (complete set /process / portable) CO2 analyzer, GXH-3011 series (form a complete set /process / portable), CO analyzer, 9000 portable automobile exhaust analyzer.  
       BHAIL has strong force on scientific research and technical force, undertaking the philosophy “Technology and innovation are the bases of survival and development of one enterprise”, paying attention to combination of production and research, cooperating with Beijing Computer Technology Application Institution subjected to Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Our products adopt advanced technology of related fields of America, Japan, Germany and Sweden etc. GXH-3010D type CO2 analyzer and GXH-3011 type CO analyzer produced by our institution joined with Beijing Computer Technology Application Institution have applied to hygiene and disease control system, environmental monitoring system, environmental protection scientific research department and agricultural sector to test the photosynthesis speed of plants in more 30 provinces and autonomous regions, involving in industry, agriculture, military, medicine and environment protection fields. The sales amount is nearly thousand; As the monitoring instrument of producing process, GXH-3011infrared analyzer has won sound prestige by its high quality and excellent after-sale service in cement plant, chemical fertilizer factory, steel mill, steel rolling mill. In recent years, the new GXH-3010E type CO2 analyzer, GXH-3011A type CO analyzer, GXH-3010/3011 type two-in-one infrared analyzer adopted new technology, new material and craft, with more small volume, easy to use, are the recommended products of national scientific instrument. 

      9000 serial portable automobile exhaust analyzer, is the sole one using the battery to supply in it domestic, can use alternating current and direct current electrical source. The products are accord with national JJG688-90 “Verification Regulation of Vehicle Exhaust Emission Measuring Instruments “. In 1999 the sales amount is several hundred sets, played a very good role in all parts of the country, received a lot of praise by the vast environmental monitoring department, traffic control department and automobile repairing department.

      BHAIL carries out the basic state policy environment protection of People’s Republic of China, strengthens the work of environment protect and scientific research, and makes developing fast, accurate light environment protect monitoring measures and instrument as orientation according to " Programming outline and main measures of environmental protection " of the State Council and the related documents put forward by Economic and environment protection bureau. Our management theory is: " Prove our value with strength, win the market with quality"; The operation policy: " Outstanding quality, good service, reasonable price ".   

      BHAIL makes great effect to meet customer’s demands. We’d like to devote to protect our green ground and sky.